Alyssa Chia celebrates Bobo’s second birthday with homemade cake

The 2-year-old lent a hand in the kitchen as well


Last week, Taiwanese actress Alyssa Chia and her two daughters, Bubu, 4, and Bobo, 2, stepped into the kitchen together to bake a cake for Bobo’s upcoming birthday.

On Friday (March 15), Alyssa shared some pictures of their baking experience together on her Facebook page. The pictures, which show Bobo holding on to a freshly-baked cake, was accompanied by a long caption. 


In the caption, Alyssa poured out her heart, writing, “Little Bo, Mama wants to tell you that I cherish every detail about the lives of you and your sister. I’m deeply afraid that the days of your childhood will pass me by in the blink of an eye. To the two of you, this moment where you’re still young is the best period of your lives, with good food, fun things to play with every day, and the ability to sleep soundly every night. Mama prays every day for the two of you to grow up happily and healthily.”

“All Papa and I can do is to give you our endless love and company,” she added. “(Bobo), you so closely resemble the characters in a manga, with a face that might look fierce, but (hides a personality) that is warm and gentle, just like a fish in water. You love your sister dearly, but find her too ‘princess-like’ at times. Your humorous personality makes you the apple of anyone’s eye.”


Continuing, she wrote, “In the days to come, though it may not be apparent now, you’re likely to become your older sister’s protector and defender.” Wishing Bobo a happy birthday once again, Alyssa ended her post with an “I love you”.

Bobo’s father, Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai, also posted on Facebook to wish Bobo a happy birthday, writing, “My dear little Bo, you’re 2 now! Happy birthday! As I watch you use your own unique way to understand this world every day, I often find joy in the many expressions that cross your face. Always remember to cherish this quality of yours. You are forever irreplaceable in the hearts of your mum and I.”

Photos: PBE Media

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