Aloysius Pang: This is the first time I’ve let my parents down

The actor spoke to the media for the first time since his drink driving charge at the imaging session for ‘My Friends From Afar’


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A month after making headlines for leaving Mediacorp, local actor Aloysius Pang was in the news once again – this time, he was reportedly charged in court on May 18 for drink driving.

In an interview at the imaging session for his new drama My Friends From Afar, the 26-year-old admitted that the most heartbreaking part about the whole ordeal was the fact that he had let his parents down for the very first time.

“After all these years of not disappointing my mum and dad, everything just came crashing down in one fell swoop, causing them a lot of worry,” he said, visibly trying to keep his composure. “Even now, if I were to go home a little later than usual, my mum would call to check up on me in case something happened again.”

“I think to hurt your parents at this age is a very sad thing,” he continued, his eyes welling up with emotion.

According to reports, Aloysius will be back in court on June 22, but he could not comment further on the case as it is still currently ongoing.

“What’s done is done, and now I intend to focus wholeheartedly on my work and try not to make the same mistake again,” he said, adding that he will view every project from now on as his last so he will treasure it more.

Aloysius Pang shared an apology on social media after the news broke

When the shocking news broke, many of Aloysius’s fellow artistes voiced their support on social media or sent him a text to personally check up on him. “I’m very touched by all the love I’ve received and I want to channel all the positive energy into my work.”

Aloysius also said that his NoonTalk Media boss Dasmond Koh, who is known to be strict with his artistes, did not say anything in particular to him. “Words can’t change anything, so what’s left to do is to accept the consequences and keep moving forward.”

His My Friends From Afar co-stars Carrie Wong and Shaun Chen expressed their hope for the public to forgive Aloysius and let him have a second chance.

“We all make mistakes, and I think it’s good that he knows what he did is wrong and is willing to accept the consequences,” said Shaun.

Carrie, who texted Aloysius as soon as she learned of the incident, said, “Everyone who knows Aloysius, knows that he’s usually very careful, so I believe the person who is taking this the hardest is himself,” she said. “He’s probably very upset so I hope people will give him strength.”

Carrie Wong and Aloysius Pang

My Friends From Afar debuts on November 27, 2017, 9pm on Channel 8.

Aloysius Pang: It pains me to disappoint my parents

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