Aloysius Pang “is doing well”: doctors

The local actor “sustained injuries to his chest and abdominal areas” during his reservist in New Zealand

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(Right) Dasmond Koh speaks to local media at the press conference. (Left) Aloysius during a previous reservist last year (Photo: Instagram/Aloysius Pang)

Good news: actor Aloysius Pang, who was severely injured during his reservist in New Zealand on Saturday (Jan 19), is “awake, alert” and “in a stable condition”, according to a local doctor who is being kept updated on his condition.

Aloysius’s management company, NoonTalk Media, called a sudden press conference at 4pm today (Jan 21), where his boss-slash-mentor Dasmond Koh, as well as Ivy Low, head of The Celebrity Agency, were present to give details and answer questions.

Dr. Teo Li Tserng, Chief of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, gave his statement via a video recording. “Aloysius is doing well,” he confirmed, adding that he personally knows Aloysius’s primary surgeon in New Zealand, Waikato Hospital’s Dr. Grant Christey, and that medical teams there and in Singapore are working very closely together to ensure the best care for Aloysius. “They’ve done a great job in stabilising Aloysius. His vitals are stable, he is awake, alert, and breathing on his own without requiring any mechanical ventilation.”

“Moving forward, we are planning to stabilise Aloysius before we plan for a safe repatriation,” he continued. “His condition must be well enough before we set a time to bring him back [to Singapore], but rest assured that once he is stable enough, we will do what we can to bring him back.”

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The latest official statement from MINDEF provides a bit more details about the incident. (Photos: MINDEF, Instagram/Aloysius Pang)

MINDEF (Ministry of Defence) Singapore also provided a more detailed update to their initial statement at 4pm today. According to the post, Aloysius “sustained injuries to his chest and abdominal areas” while “carrying out repair works inside the Singapore Self-Propelled Howitzer” at Waiouru Training Area at 2.05pm (local time) on Saturday.

He underwent a five-hour abdominal surgery that very evening, and a follow-up relook surgery was successfully completed at 11am (local time) this morning.

As for what exactly it was that injured Aloysius, all Dasmond could say was that something “pressed” against the 28-year-old’s chest and abdominal area. “We need to wait for official statements [from the results of the investigation] before giving further details, but right now the most important thing is that he’s doing fine.”

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Dasmond Koh and Ivy Low at the press conference this afternoon

When asked how this incident might affect Aloysius’s future acting projects (he was originally set to start filming for a new Channel 8 drama next month), Ivy said that the actor’s full recovery is their number one priority, and that they will seek doctors’ opinions before making any necessary arrangements. However, Dasmond would prefer Aloysius to take a break from work for at least six months.

When news of Aloysius’s accident broke, MINDEF immediately made arrangements to fly his mother to New Zealand, where she got to speak to him at the hospital. His father and second brother will arrive this evening, while his oldest brother will make the trip over tomorrow. Dasmond will also travel there tonight, and promised to provide updates whenever he can.

“I think it will be okay,” he said. “Don’t worry too much.”

Let’s continue to wish for a speedy recovery for Aloy.

Aloysius Pang seriously injured during reservist in New Zealand

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