Allen Chen confirms relationship with fellow model

The model-actor and Kila Tsou are long-time colleagues under the same agency


Taiwanese model-actor Allen Chen, whom Singaporeans might remember for his stint in local drama The Journey: A Voyage, as well as Toggle Originals series VIC, has gone public with his relationship with fellow Taiwanese model, Kila Tsou.

At the yearly press ceremony organised by his modelling agency CatWalk, the 34-year-old was asked about the rumours surrounding him and Kila, which had surfaced recently. Allen did not shy away from the questions, and admitted that they are “on good terms” with each other. As Kila was feeling under the weather, she did not attend the event. Thus, all questions were answered by Allen instead.

Allen, who has been under CatWalk for 15 years, is well-acquainted with Kila. The model-actor shared that he could be considered Kila’s senior in the company. 

Speaking more about their relationship, Allen shared more about how they fell in love with each other, revealing that it was due to the fact that they often confided in the other whilst experiencing slumps. As an example, he shared that Kila once got injured whilst filming for a show. However, she still sent Allen a text, asking about him instead. 

However, he refused to share how long they have been dating, nor their anniversary date, replying that “every day is an anniversary (for us)”.

As they are both from Kaohsiung, Allen shared that he has already met Kila’s parents. The meeting happened when he sent Kila home one day, and the couple ran into her parents while he was helping her unload some stuff from the car. However, they have both agreed to prioritise their careers, and are not thinking about marriage yet.

Photos: Kila Tsou/Instagram

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