All's well for Andy Zhang, Catherine Hung despite cheating allegations

The pair was spotted in public with their daughter in tow


Although Hong Kong actress Catherine Hung has yet to comment on the reports of her husband, Chinese actor Andy Zhang’s infidelity, the issue seems to be water under the bridge for the couple. Pictures of Catherine and Andy at a wedding together recently have been spreading online after a netizen uploaded them.

In recent months, Andy has been hit by multiple reports accusing him of cheating on Catherine with his female manager, Bi Ying. Although Andy had denied the reports, his first denial seemed to have no effect on the rumour mill. Netizens discovered that Bi Ying was still working for Andy, and seemed to be unaffected by the rumours. 


In early May, Andy issued another denial, where he shared that Catherine had deleted the pictures of him from her personal Weibo account in the midst of a quarrel that they had earlier. He also shared that Bi Ying has since resigned, and will no longer be working with him.

Recently, a netizen shared a number of pictures of Andy and Catherine attending a wedding together. The couple’s 5-year-old daughter was also present.

According to the netizen, Catherine accompanied Andy to the event, which was held in Harbin, China. The newlyweds are reported to be Andy's friends.

From the pictures, it seems as if everything is back to normal for Catherine and Andy, who were all smiles, with Andy seemingly taking a selfie with Catherine and their daughter.


Photos: PBE Media

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