All eyes on Jerry Yan’s love life (or lack thereof) after Lin Chi-ling ties the knot

He has been linked with actresses Amber An and Shen Yue since Chi-ling’s marriage was announced

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After news of Taiwanese model-actress and former girlfriend Lin Chi-ling getting hitched broke in June, all eyes have turned on Jerry Yan. Although the pair broke up years ago, fans were still hopeful that the former golden couple would one day reunite, especially since they seemed to still harbour feelings for each other.

With no news on a new woman in the Taiwanese actor’s life, netizens are curious to know what is it about Jerry that makes him so hesitant about going public with his relationships – he has been linked to other women at different points of his life, but never confirmed the rumours.

Taiwanese model Seanna Chang, who was linked to him in 2015, belatedly confirmed that they dated for two years, but decided to remain friends as he refused to go public with their romance.

Chen Rong, who calls herself the ‘messenger of the Gods’, gained the trust of netizens after she correctly pointed out that Jerry and Chi-ling would never be able to get back together.

This time around, Chen Rong discussed the two actresses who have been recently linked to Jerry: Amber An and Shen Yue.

She claimed that although Amber hopes to bring their relationship to the next level, Jerry has no intentions of doing so as she is “totally not his type”.

As for Chinese actress Shen Yue, who is paired with him for drama The Exchange Luck, Chen Rong mused that the 20-year age gap is just one of the glaring problems. She added that the pair just don’t have the right chemistry between them.

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