All eyes on how Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo will split their S$116.7m worth of assets

The couple is slated to go through divorce arbitration in the coming weeks

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On June 27, Korean actors Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo announced that they are in the midst of a divorce.

As the pair have said little about the reason for the split, there has been speculation about the real reason for their marriage breaking down after less than two years, including claims that the former couple disagreed on baby-making plans and that there was a third party involved.

Apart from the reason behind their split, netizens have also turned their attention on the details of their divorce.

When Song Joong Ki filed for divorce at the Seoul Family Court, he is reported to have requested for divorce arbitration, which his lawyers explained was because the actors have a difference of opinion about the details of their split.

Although their lawyers have not revealed what details the pair have disagreed on, many believe that it might have something to do with how they will split the 100 billion won (S$166.7 million) worth of combined assets that they have.

Korean media outlets reported that the couple own various properties between them. Song Joong Ki is known to be the owner of a 2.5 billion won (S$2.92 million) villa in Seorae Village and 10 billion won (S$11.67 million) mansion in Itaewon, while Song Hye Kyo has three properties in Samseong worth over 20 billion won (S$24.37 million).

Song Joong Ki’s Itaewon mansion was originally reported to be the couple’s marital home, but there are conflicting reports as to whether they have lived in the property after marriage. It is not known if the couple has any joint assets.

The divorce arbitration is slated to take place in the coming weeks, with the earliest date for the hearing reportedly at the end of July.

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