Those in Taiwan who want a piece of Alien Huang’s wardrobe while helping to contribute to a good cause at the same time will be able to do so this weekend.

The late star’s family will be holding a charity sale on October 3 to sell his clothes, shoes, accessories, and other belongings, and all proceeds will be donated to a special fund for the Taipei Veterans General Hospital’s polycystic kidney disease research group.

Alien’s younger sister Huang Ting Ting made the announcement on her Instagram page yesterday (Sep 28) with all the necessary details. Since items are limited, only 10 people will be allowed into the venue for 10 minutes at a time, and each person can only purchase one item. Customers are also required to bring their own shopping bags and, of course, wear masks and undergo disinfection ‘cos we are still living in a pandemic.

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_ 黃鴻升公益義賣 / 義賣物品為黃鴻升服飾、鞋、配件飾品類之收藏 / 義賣規則: 請於當日按照店員指示排隊進場購買 #義賣物品有限 每次開放10人 ( 限時 10分鐘 ) 每人限購一樣物品 ( 服飾、鞋、配件飾品擇一) 讓喜歡鬼哥的朋友們盡量都能購買到 / 當天義賣所得會全數捐贈 [ 台北榮民總醫院多囊腎研究團隊專款專用 ] / 現場均為現金交易 恕不接受刷卡及退換貨的服務 義賣商品皆不提供試穿 請大家自備購物袋 / 當天務必請大家自備口罩 入場需戴口罩酒精消毒 / 時間:2020.10.03(六) 14:00-21:00 地點: @24b1_official 📍台北市敦化南路一段 187 巷 67 號 1 樓 #義賣規則會因現場人數而做調整 #希望大家可以乖乖排隊不要插隊 #不要打擾到附近店家 #謝謝你/妳們 #一起讓鬼哥的愛延續下去 #善的循環

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If anyone’s wondering why a kidney disease research group was selected to benefit from the sale, it turns out that Alien discovered he had a family history of kidney disease during a health checkup eight years ago.

Some doctors have even pointed out that his sudden death could be due to a fatal combination of congenital polycystic kidney disease, elastic fibre abnormalities, and high blood pressure, which led to the aortic dissection — the tearing of the main artery that carries blood away from the heart — that killed him.