Alice Chan reveals why her marriage broke down

There was no physical intimacy in the marriage, according to the actress


Back in 2008, Hong Kong actress Alice Chan stunned everyone when she announced that she will be tying the knot with her boyfriend of three months, Taiwanese businessman James Yen.

Following her marriage, the actress stepped out of the spotlight, becoming a full-time housewife. All seemed well in her marriage, until last year, when she revealed that her marriage had actually ended after four years, in 2012.

A year after the announcement, she decided to share more on her marriage, to shed light on why it eventually ended. 

After tying the knot, she had moved with her ex-husband to Bangkok, Thailand, where he did business. Whilst in Bangkok, she spent her days doing housework, and cooking for her husband. As James was busy with his work, he often neglected her emotionally as well. Though he was not unfaithful to her during their marriage, they were unable to "connect" with each other, said Alice.

Confessing that she felt like a worker, and that she had lost her sense of self, Alice added that there was no physical intimacy in their marriage. “If our relationship was good, and (he) touched me often, then we wouldn’t have divorced,” she said.

However, when James eventually brought up the matter of getting a divorce, Alice was unable to come to terms with it. She had to seek help from a friend, who was a psychiatrist, to come out of her shell and find herself again. As a result, their divorce was not announced until 2017, when James was spotted on vacation with a young singer. 

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