Lokyi Lai, Ali Lee, Griselda Yeung, Stefan Wong and Claire Yiu attended an event for their drama Who Wants A Baby? in Hong Kong on July 31.

The series currently has the highest ratings on the network of 2018, beating even high-budget series Succession War. Lokyi said, "It’s unfair to compare the two shows. Succession War is a period drama and our series is closer to reality, especially since many people have babies. Thanks to Ali, we all played our roles well under her leadership."

Ali said, "Six months have passed and the babies grow up so fast, it's amazing! I’m so glad they can still recognise me."

It was reported that Ali will get married to her boyfriend Danny Chan next year, and that she is currently selecting her wedding venue. However, she clarified, "We have no plans to get married within the next two years. We need to focus on our careers."

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