It took Hongkong singer Alex To, 56, and his filmmaker wife Ice Lee four years before conceiving their first child, Alex Junior, who was born in 2016.

Their marriage is not without controversy: the Shanghai-born Ice is a whopping 24 years Alex's junior. Oh, and he’s also the same age as his in-laws.

He recently celebrated his birthday on February 10 with his wife, son and fans, who surprised him with a birthday cake moulded into the shape of a golden microphone on a globe. 

During the party, the devoted dad mingled with kids of his fans and traded war stories about being a dad with fellow parents.

Alex had reportedly shared an amusing anecdote about bringing his kid for a haircut. “I was afraid [my son] would struggle during the process, so I held him tightly so that the hairstylist could cut his hair. But my son was angry at me for two days after that, ’cos he blamed me for not protecting him in a ‘dangerous’ situation!”

Goes to show, even stars don’t have it any easier when it comes to parenting.

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