Alex To’s 2-year-old son performs a ‘magic trick'

The actor was seemingly taken aback by the feat


For his 57th birthday, Hong Kong singer-actor Alex To received a special present from his 2-year-old son, Alex Junior.

In a video posted online, the singer and his son are seated in front of a birthday cake, with Alex Junior on his father’s lap. Throughout the video, Alex Junior was in high spirits, raising his hands high to clap along to the birthday song. Towards the end, he even sings, “happy birthday to AJ”, pointing towards himself with a smile on his face.


After that, the 2-year-old looks at the cake with a grin in his eye, and blows out the candle with a mighty puff, causing the flames to shoot out across the table. The ‘magic trick’ shocked Alex, and the singer couldn't mask his surprise while his son giggled happily.

The video sparked much discussion in the comments, with fans laughing at Alex’s reaction. Some also shared that the special effects were actually because of a special app.

Alex tied the knot with his wife, filmmaker Ice Lee in 2012, and welcomed their first child, Alex Junior in 2016.

Photos: PBE Media

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