(Hong Kong, June 07 2018) The latest season of Hong Kong variety show Beautiful Cooking came under fire when its first episode aired recently. Alex Fong, who hosted the show during its first and second seasons with Ronald Cheng and Edmond Leung, spoke up for the programme at a press conference for a watch brand.

“I think it’s really good. I know there are many criticisms [about the show] but that was its first episode and [we] should not be overly critical of it. The previous seasons were hosted by Ronald Cheng who’s a comedic actor, so it would be naturally funny,” said Alex, who also expressed a keen desire to work with both Ronald and Edmond again.

When reporters asked if he was invited to attend his former rumoured girlfriend Gillian Chung’s upcoming wedding in December, Alex replied, “That’s a question you should ask her. I’m not going to reply hypothetical questions!”

The singer also congratulated Gillian on her union with Taiwanese doctor Michael Lai and wished for the couple to have “a baby soon.”

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