Taiwan-based Japanese singer and former Da Mouth member Aisa Senda attended a promotional event for a skincare brand in Taipei yesterday (Aug 20), where she shared about her struggle with eczema.

Because of the condition, the 36-year-old’s skin is extremely sensitive and prone to allergies, so she has to be very careful when selecting beauty products. In one horrifying incident, she used something that was not suitable for her skin, causing the area around her eyes to swell, burn, and ooze tissue fluid.

Aisa also goes for monthly facial treatments and pays great attention to the cleanliness of her skin, especially since she needs to wear makeup often for work. Now, she rarely suffers from allergic reactions.

In other news, Aisa’s friend and former Sunday Girls bandmate Mai Sato was revealed to have divorced her husband of five years, Taiwanese heir Wang Quan Ren. Mai is also said to be getting full custody of their son, even changing his surname from “Wang” to “Sato”.

When asked for her thoughts, Aisa shared that she and Mai have always kept in touch with each other. Aisa even confided in Mai when the former was going through her own divorce from Taiwanese actor Zhou Ming Fu earlier this year. “She was a good listener and offered me a lot of support,” she said.

That said, Aisa refrained from commenting too much on Mai’s current situation, and only stated that she will support her friend no matter what. “When I came to Taiwan at the age of 18, I didn’t speak any Mandarin, but because of the encouragement I received from people like Mai, I was able to remain in this industry for so long.”

Photos: TPG