Aisa reassures fans that she has gotten over her divorce

The singer shared that this is the second asthma attack in six months for her


Taiwan-based Japanese singer Aisa Senda updated her Instagram on Sunday (May 5) with a short caption, “(Feeling) smothered, mentally and physically”. The text update worried her fans, as she had shared in February that she will be splitting from her husband of three years, Taiwanese actor Zhong Ming Fu. At that time, it was reported that the divorce had taken a mental toll on the 36-year-old.

To her fans relief, Aisa soon followed up with another update, sharing that she had suffered an asthma attack earlier, which was the reason for her update. Sharing a picture of her medicine, she added, “It was too hard to bear for me earlier, which was why I used it (the medicine). This is the second time in six months, why is it like this?"

She shared that she was feeling much better now, and that her asthma had been triggered by her cold. “I felt so smothered due to my condition that I couldn’t even smile, and had to speak softly,” she wrote.

In other related news, Aisa recently made an appearance at a book launch, where she shared that she has since gotten over her divorce, and is feeling much better now. “I’m doing very well now, and my mood is better (too),” she shared at the event.

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