Airport security guard under fire for ‘pushing’ Angelababy

The online debate has gotten so heated that Hong Kong model-actress has stepped up to give her take on the matter

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Celebrities often have to travel for work, but at airports, which are public places, security is always a concern. More often than not, they employ security to escort them through the airport, but in Angelababy’s case, one guard in particular came under fire for not doing his job.

The Hong Kong model-actress was making her way through Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport on July 22, when she was greeted by a crowd of fans requesting for photos with her. However, instead of shielding Angelababy, a member of the airport security team grabbed her arm and pushed her forward.

Angelababy’s manager did not take kindly to the guard’s actions, and said, “Please don’t push her”. However, he responded with, “I didn’t push her. What’s wrong? I’m protecting her.”

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Unexpectedly, the crowd started chorusing at him not to push her, which caused alarm among the other staff members and those around Angelababy.

Videos of the incident have been circulating the web, with netizens pointing out that the guard’s unprofessionalism was what caused the situation to escalate to that extent, and called for him to step down from his post.

The debate was so intense that Angelababy stepped forward to address the situation on her own Weibo account. “Everyone could be feeling fired up because of how warm the weather is. Let’s all calm down and see things from each other’s perspective,” she wrote.

She was also praised by netizens for keeping her cool in such a situation, with others sharing that they were relieved to see that her son, nicknamed ‘Little Sponge’ wasn’t caught in the fray.

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