Aimee Chan spent six hours making a birthday cake for her son

The actress shared that all her effort was worth it in the end when she saw her son’s reaction.


Hong Kong celebrity couple Aimee Chan and Moses Chan recently celebrated the birthday of their eldest son, Aiden, with a special cake.

"Happy 6th birthday to our "Ray of sunshine", Aiden. I finally understood what it meant to be in love with our kids. I fell in love with you since the moment you were born, and you continue to surprise me everyday. I promise I will give you my all and be the best I can be, like my parents were to me. Happy birthday my little Prince. Xoxo (sic),” she wrote in her first post, sharing pictures of their little party.


Later, she shared another picture of Aiden’s purple rainbow marshmallow cake, revealing that it was actually baked by her.

"Aiden requested a rainbow marshmallow cake for his birthday. I obliged but I had some setbacks and ended up asking if I could buy him an ice cream cake instead,” Aimee recalled.

She went on to share that Aiden was set on having a rainbow marshmallow cake, and refused anything else.  Aimee then asked for a few concessions, with Aiden agreeing to Aimee’s request to omit the rainbow layers and the rainbow marshmallow topping.

Aimee eventually decided to try her best to have the cake include rainbow layers and the requested marshmallow topping, after hearing Aiden say, “marshmallows are my absolute favourite, and rainbows make me so happy.”

In the end, Aimee managed to serve up a cake that fulfilled all of Aiden’s request after six hours in the kitchen.


She shared that the marshmallows on top were her biggest obstacle, taking her "five attempts before remotely succeeding”, and that she eventually slept at 2 in the morning just to get it right.

"It was all worth it to see that huge grin on his face when it was time to blow out the candles!” she concluded.

Moses also did his part to help Aimee by volunteering to head to the shops at midnight when Aimee ran out of ingredients.

Aimee and Moses tied the knot in 2013, and welcomed their eldest son, Aiden the same year. Their second son, Nathan was born in 2015, while their daughter, Camilla was born a year later in 2016.

Photos: PBE Media

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