Aimee Chan attended the opening ceremony of a skincare boutique in Hong Kong on June 4, where she met and caught up with producer Mui Siu Ching.

"They're shooting Forensic Heroes IV now, right? We talked about the good old days when we were shooting the season I was in," she shared.

Although it's been several years since her last TV project, the actress admitted that she still has a passion for acting, and that she is looking forward to working with Siu Ching again in the future. She also revealed that she occasionally watches her own dramas whenever she has free time.

When asked about the time she was spotted picking her husband Moses Chan from the airport at 5am, Aimee clarified that they were actually there to fetch her parents, who were visiting from Canada.

"Usually, I am the one who flies over to Canada with the kids, but this time, my parents are the ones making a rare trip here to Hong Kong," she said. "I was so happy and excited that I could not sleep the night before!"

Aimee then happily gushed about getting to celebrate Father's Day with "two daddies in the house". "Every year, the kids and I will make a card for Moses," she shared. "And of course, we will have a simple meal together as well."

Photos: TPG