Taiwanese actress Ady An made her first public appearance since announcing her pregnancy in mid-March at a jewellery brand’s Mother’s Day event in Taipei on April 24.

The first-time mother-to-be shared that her son, nicknamed "66", is due to be born in the summer, under the astrological sign of either Cancer or Leo. She also revealed that she has only put on 3 kg so far. “I suffer from morning sickness at times so I try to reduce my food intake,” she shared. “I’ve also cut down on salty food to avoid swelling.”

When asked how her husband, businessman Chen Rong Lian, has been treating her during her pregnancy, Ady brought up the first time he cut her toenails for her. “I was terrified at first because I was worried he would cut my flesh, but he didn’t, and he did a very good job in the end!”

At the moment, Ady has not decided if she wants to give birth in Taipei, Macau, or Hong Kong, but she has already prepared all the necessary baby products. “I have bought enough clothes to last him until he is 4 or 5 years old!” she laughed. The couple has already purchased additional space in their home to prepare for the new arrival to their family.

Ady then revealed that she might be the “bad cop”, while her husband might be the “good cop”, while disciplining their child. “Even now, he’s already talking to our son in my belly saying, ‘I’m on your side.’”

As for whether the couple has plans to have anymore kids after this one, Ady chuckled and said, “Let’s just have one first and see how it goes!”