Ady An hailed as ‘fertility charm’ after 10 staff members in her husband’s company get pregnant

The women are reported to have gotten pregnant soon after the Taiwanese actress gave birth to her first child in July

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Taiwanese actress Ady An gave birth to her first child, a son, in July, after two years of marriage with businessman Chen Ronglian. At 38, her pregnancy was considered a high-risk one, especially after news of a failed pregnancy last March made the rounds online.

The good news didn’t stop there, however, as she has now been dubbed a fertility charm by Taiwanese media. The reason: 10 staff members of her husband’s company have gotten pregnant after she gave birth. Ronglian is reported to own a security agency, but the total number of staff under him is unclear. 

The birth of Ady’s child has also seen Ronglian lavish gifts on his wife. Among the presents that he gave her was a HK$600 million (S$106 million) villa. The eyebrow-raising price tag includes four standalone buildings, each measuring an estimated 661.2 square meters. Each building has four storeys, and each storey has five bedrooms rooms and two utility rooms.

The villa is also said to feature a five-car garage, a sprawling garden and a swimming pool.

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