Adele Is Terrified of Mosquitoes and Bats… And She’s Not Afraid To Show It

The singer freaking out over these creepy crawlies is hilarious.

If you have a pathological fear of creepy crawlies, take heart that the world's greatest singer totally gets you. At a recent concert in Australia, Adele freaked out when she was attacked, if we can use that word, by a mosquito on stage. “They’re everywhere! They’re all trying to kill me!” she cried, as her fans hollered with laughter. Click on the video below to watch the, um, buzz-worthy moment. 

It wasn't the first time Adele had an unexpected guest on stage during a concert. In November 2016, she almost had a panic attack when she spotted a bat flying around the stadium. Though to be honest, bats really are kinda creepy. 

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