Aaron Yan has trust issues after ex-boyfriends’ betrayals

He finds it harder to trust others after his exes went to the press with information about their relationships

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Aaron Yan poured his heart out in a Facebook post at midnight yesterday to commemorate his 33rd birthday. The singer-actor, who had just wrapped up a birthday event with fans, posted pictures from the celebration and thanked them for “getting to know Wu Geng Lin (his birth name)” and not just Aaron Yan as their idol.

He also apologised for not loving himself and causing himself to be ‘hurt from his past relationships.

Aaron shared that he’s not good at making friends and does not have a “stellar” set of social skills. Despite his lack of self-confidence, he tried his best to be sincere to his friends and be “as honest as possible” with himself.

Following the recent allegations and exposés made by his ex-boyfriends where he was accused of being a three-timer, Aaron also wrote that “perhaps I might find it harder to believe others, perhaps I might be more protective of myself.” 

As if referring to the incident without directly addressing it, Aaron added that he might avoid making eye contact with people for the time being as he is unable to ‘wear a mask’ when facing others.

The 33-year-old promised fans that he will not stay in his protective cocoon and will not bear “hatred” towards the world. “I will choose to let love lead the way,” he said.

At the end of the post, the singer thanked his fans, friends and family for their love and protecting him against ‘frosty remarks’ made in light of recent events.

Aaron’s ex-boyfriend went to the media with evidence (intimate pictures and screenshots of chat conversations) alleging that he was a three-timer in early November. Aaron denied all allegations made against him and one of his ex-boyfriends even came forward to stand up for him.

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