Aaron Yan's social anxiety has gotten worse after ex-boyfriends' betrayals

The shocking accusations against the singer-actor first surfaced last month

aaron yan

Aaron Yan made the headlines for all the wrong reasons last month as he was accused of three-timing his boyfriends. Since then, he has largely stayed out of the spotlight, save for his 33rd birthday party event, where he broke down in front of his fans.

Following which, there was also speculation that Aaron had harboured a one-sided love towards fellow Fahrenheit member Jiro Wang for six years, and that Yoga Lin's song 'Unrequited' was about their relationship. However, Wu Chun has since stepped up to rubbish those claims.

After about a month of not accepting any interview requests, the singer-actor finally met the media at an event this week, where he was quizzed about his relationships. Aaron refused to comment more on the matter, explaining that "saying more will only cause more harm (than good). I don't want to talk about this any longer." 

He went on to clarify that he is not in contact with his ex-boyfriends, and will likely be unable to commit himself to a new relationship for the time being as he has been affected greatly and "will overthink things".

Reporters also noticed that he had lost a noticeable amount of weight, to which Aaron confirmed that he had lost his appetite after the scandal made headlines, and that he usually only eats one or two spoonfuls of food when he calls for takeout. This has caused his weight to plummet to around 64 kilogrammes. However, he assured that insomnia has not affected him and that he is slowly regaining his appetite.

Aaron also shared the social anxiety which he has long admitted to be suffering from has gotten worse as he feels that everyone he passes on the streets is looking at him. He let on, "When they look at me, I'll wonder what they're thinking, and what thoughts they have about me."

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