Aaron Yan’s grandmother passes away

The news comes right after his personal life became gossip fodder

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Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan revealed yesterday (November 13) on Instagram that his maternal grandmother has passed away.

Just last week, Aaron had found himself caught up in a media storm after his ex-boyfriend went to the media, alleging that the 32-year-old was a three-timer. At that time, it was reported that Aaron had all but disappeared, and that even his management agency could not contact him for a statement. Eventually, Aaron released his own statement denying the allegations. Another of Aaron’s ex-boyfriends also came forward to tell his side of the story, standing up for Aaron with regards to the cheating allegations.

After that, it was revealed through Aaron’s conversation with a fan that his grandmother, who he is said to be very close with, was currently hospitalised. As a result, he had been keeping her company in the hospital, which was why his company was unable to reach him initially.

According to reports, she had been diagnosed with cancer in August, and that the cancer cells had spread throughout her entire body. Her condition was then further complicated when she contracted pneumonia last week, landing her in the intensive care unit. At that time, she could only breathe with the help of a mechanical ventilator. Once he knew of his grandmother’s condition, Aaron immediately rushed back to be by her side.

In his post, Aaron wrote that he’d like to think that his grandmother has been brought away by his grandfather. He also hoped that she would “live well, and enjoy your time. Don’t worry about this clamorous world any longer.” Aaron also promised to “take good care of myself, to better myself”, ending his post with a declaration of love for her.

Aaron also touched on the matters of the past week, writing, “ I hope that you’ll be able to let love guide you, to progress on your life’s path, instead of negativity. Only love can nullify all setbacks, bruises and difficulties. I love my grandma, and I love you guys too. Thank you to everyone who has given me encouragement in this period.”

Aaron’s management agency, HIM International Music, also released a statement, thanking everyone for their concern. “Aaron's maternal grandmother passed away peacefully in the wee hours of the morning today. We earnestly request for everyone to give Aaron and his family some space, so that they can concentrate on settling the funeral arrangements, to give their final goodbyes to Aaron’s grandmother. Finally, we’ll like to thank everyone for their help.”

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