Aaron Yan rebrands himself as a fashion designer

The singer-actor was recently appointed as a celebrity designer for Playboy China.


After his departure from his agency of 15 years last week, Aaron Yan established his own work studio and announced that he has been appointed as a celebrity designer for Playboy China.

The singer-actor shared that he had taken two months to come up with his designs, and that he had used up two sketchbooks to revise and finalise them.

The designs were done with the theme of “breaking through, [to be] reacquainted with myself”, and feature handwritten words and bright, graffiti-style illustrations on various clothing items.

The 33-year-old credited the movie The Truman Show for inspiring him, saying, “I hope that I’ll be able to take risks, to look for a world that suits me”.

“We often remain willing to [have our lives] neatly laid out for us, without discovering more possibilities about ourselves,” he continued.

Additionally, Aaron also shared his wish to be able to afford to send all the staff members of his work studio on an all-expenses-paid vacation, just like the rich businessmen he plays in dramas.

“I am responsible for leading my team members forward, towards progress,” he said.

Photos: Aaron Yan/Instagram

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