Aaron Yan: It took me seven years to get over my schoolyard bullies

The actor shared that he had to seek professional help at one point

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Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan made an appearance at an event against bullying last Thursday (January 3), where he shared more about his experience as a victim of bullying back in school. 

In junior high, Aaron was bullied for three whole years, which took its toll on him. “When I really couldn’t stand it anymore, I mentioned to my dad that I wanted to consult a psychologist. At that time, it was because of my sexual orientation, as well as the fact that I was struggling with depression. After being on medication for half a year, I managed to walk out of it by relying on myself,” he said.

With a bitter smile, Aaron revealed that he took over seven years to really let go of the pain and hurt from the experience. However, because of this, he has also become stronger mentally and emotionally. When an ex-boyfriend accused him of being a two-timer last year, effectively revealing his sexual orientation, he was “not too affected by it, due to my strong mental defences”.

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The 33-year-old also mused that it was “not bad” to be spending the New Year as a singleton, and that he hoped that everyone will not catch a cold. “I didn’t catch a cold last year, but on New Year’s Day, my body temperature went up to 39.1 degrees!”

Finally, he also mentioned that the main form of bullying nowadays takes place online, and that he hopes to use his own experience to encourage victims of bullying to seek external help. Additionally, he hopes that bystanders will not cave in to peer pressure and not turn a blind eye towards bullying.

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