Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan and his younger sister Wu Min Pei attended an event in support of gender equality in Taipei on October 11.

Aaron said, "Everybody is unique. We cannot judge others by their gender." Min Pei said, "My brother always has special thoughts. I’m worried sometimes. He is usually a quiet man, but if you bring up something that interests him, he will not stop talking.

Aaron then clarified that his former group Fahrenheit was never forced to disband after Wu Chun left. "It was just the right time for us to go our separate ways to pursue our own interests," he said.

He also addressed a question many people had on their minds: why would Wu Chun leave such a popular group? "He was the oldest member in the group and almost 30 years old, so he didn't want to sing and dance along to teenagers' songs like 'I Have My Youth'."

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