Aaron Yan’s ex-boyfriend refutes cheating allegations

The singer-actor’s ex-boyfriend asserted that Aaron did not cheat on anyone


Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan’s jilted ex-boyfriend, named as Mr A by the media, recently went public with allegations that the singer-actor had cheated on him, by being in a relationship with two other males while they were dating. 

The allegations were accompanied by pictures of Aaron locking lips with three different males, as well as screenshots of their text messages. Since the news went public, both Aaron, as well as his management company has released statements refuting the cheating allegations.

On Thursday night, the 32-year-old singer-actor’s fan uploaded a screenshot of their conversation with Aaron over Instagram’s direct message function. In the screenshot, the fan can be seen asking if Aaron had indeed dated Mr B while he was in a relationship with Mr A. Aaron then replied in the negative, writing, “No! It’s impossible!”. 

Another fan also shared some screenshots of their conversation with Aaron, in which the singer-actor had shared that he’s currently in the hospital taking care of his grandma, which explains his disappearance after posting his initial statement on Wednesday night.

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In other related news, one of Aaron’s ex-boyfriends, who had been accused of being the third party in Aaron’s relationship with Mr A, has come forward to the media to offer his side of the story.

Nicknamed Mr B, he shared that he’s a 21-year-old university student, who had gotten to known Aaron through social media during his school's summer break this year. Mr B shared that Aaron had dated Mr A from 2016 to 2017, and that their breakup was messy, as Mr A did not want to part ways. 

Mr B revealed that when he was dating Aaron, Mr A had sent him pictures of Aaron and Mr A behaving intimately. This caused Mr B to believe that he was the third party in Aaron’s relationship with Mr A. However, after Aaron showed Mr B his text messages with Mr A, Mr B realised that Aaron had broken up with Mr A a while back. 

As for Mr C, Aaron had dated him towards the end of 2017, and they have since broken up as well, said Mr B.

Mr B shared that he decided to come forward to speak up for Aaron as he does not want the public to have the perception that all homosexual relationships are as messy as outlined by Mr A. He also admitted that he was still in love with Aaron, though he could not give a definite reply when asked if he might reconcile with Aaron.

Aaron’s career has received a big hit from these allegations, with the phones at Aaron’s management agency, HIM International Music, ringing continuously. Though Aaron has yet to make a public appearance, he still made sure to take care of his manager. According to a reporter, Aaron had personally messaged them to thank them, and to implore of them to take care of his manager, who has barely slept a wink since the news broke.

The singer-actor’s birthday concert, which is happening next Sunday (November 18), will still be happening as per normal, though it is not clear if he will be taking any questions from the media during the event.

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