Aaron Yan calls his cheating scandal the “most severe setback” in his career

The actor revealed how he has been affected since he was accused of dating three men at the same time.

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In November 2018, Aaron Yan was hit with allegations of being a three-timer after an ex-boyfriend went to the media to expose the Taiwanese singer-actor. Another of Aaron’s ex-boyfriends, however,  defended him against the allegations, declaring that he has never cheated on any of his exes.

After the entire saga, the 34-year-old has refrained from discussing the issue, and would only share that he now has trust issues after being betrayed by someone he used to love. He also apologised to the public and his fans for not handling his past relationships properly.

In an interview with Taiwanese media last week, he opened up about the scandal for the first time, sharing that apart from having trust issues, he also treats every new person that he meets with suspicion.

“I used to not put up any defenses when meeting new people,” he shared. “Choosing to trust others blindly is a choice. You need to actively put up defenses if you want to build walls, but I’ve now learned that you can’t just put blind faith [in everyone that you meet].”

Aaron also mused that after debuting at the age of 19, he was so well protected by his former company that he rarely got to interact with people outside of showbiz. He had the misconception that people are all good-natured, but the scandal taught him otherwise.

He then went on to reveal that it will be difficult for him to meet new people in the future now that he has been hurt once. “[The scandal] was the most severe setback that I’ve ever suffered,” he let on. “I used to trust in my feelings and instincts, but now I’m learning how to think more for myself. I’m now unable to give in all the way and do what the other party wants to do or tell them what they want to know. I used to do that in the past, but not anymore.”

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