Aaron Yan afraid to return home after being stalked by paparazzi for two months

“This is so terrifying. I’ve never felt so frightened before."


Earlier this week, media outlets in Taiwan began publishing pictures of Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan spending time together with the leader of boyband Choc7, Ah Ben. The pictures showed Ah Ben heading up to Aaron’s apartment in Taipei, as well as heading out for meals, watching movies and heading to karaoke bars together.

The pictures were taken over the span of two months, and were said to have been snapped by paparazzi who had been following Aaron constantly, even staking out the entrance to Aaron’s apartment building.

After the reports were published, Aaron took to his Facebook to condemn the actions of the paparazzi who had stalked him in a series of posts.

“Riding my bike, watching movies, going out with my friends (...) I’m living my own life without disturbing anyone else. Yet, I’m afraid to return to my own home today,” he wrote in his first post.

“I don’t feel like there’s anything to hide about my life, nor is there anything that I feel ashamed to show to the public, which is why I might not have noticed that you guys were staked outside my house, following me for two months.”

“But I really feel as if my hair’s standing on end right now. I don’t know who I can turn to for help. The lawyers said that it’ll be hard for me to gain any protection from the law for this matter. Calling the police might not help much as well. This is so terrifying. I’ve never felt so frightened before. Help!”  his second post read.

His final post, which was posted online 10 minutes after his second post, read, “The camera that you point towards me feels just like a gun, constantly waiting (for an opportunity) to kill me,”  attracted a fair bit of attention from his fans, who were worried about the singer-actor.

Some offered alternatives for Aaron, asking if he could move “to a hotel for the time being”, while others called for legal action to be taken against paparazzi.

Aaron and Ah Ben have been caught up in a number of dating rumours over the years due to their close friendship, but have always denied being romantically involved with each other. 

Photos: PBE Media

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