Many celebrities including Aaron Kwok, Karena Lam, Isabella Leong, and Bae Doona attended a designer brand's furniture exhibition in Hong Kong on March 20.

Aaron said that if possible, he would love to collaborate with the brand to design a crib for his second child. "Safety and sturdiness are the most important factors when it comes to a good crib," he shared.

Isabella showed up to the event wearing a pair of sunglasses, and explained that she was suffering from an eye infection. "I will undergo a minor operation later, but it's no big deal," she said.

The actress then shared that she will travel to Shanghai in May to film a new TV series for two months. "My mother will take care of my sons while I'm away," she said. "I will definitely miss them, but thanks to technology, I can always have video calls with them."

Doona shared that she has visited Hong Kong before, but this will be the longest she gets to stay in the city. "I ate dim sum for lunch today, which was delicious, and tonight I will go out to experience other local attractions," she said.

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