Aaron Kwok wants a son in the year of the dog

This comes after the Hong Kong heavenly king fulfilled his wish to start a family at the ripe ol’ age of 50 years old

aaron kwok

Aaron Kwok and Moka Fang seem to be settling into parenthood just fine. Four months after giving birth to Chant, Moka drew envy from fans when she displayed her slim figure in an advertisement shot for a jeans brand.

A few days ago, Aaron attended a Chinese New Year event and fielded questions from reports about his plans to expand his brood with a baby boy. The singer-actor, who previously said that he will not be answering questions pertaining to his private life to protect his family, replied, “Let nature take its course! My 50th birthday wish was to start a family and have a baby, and that has been fulfilled.”

He also added that having a child depends on what the heavens have planned for him. “I feel that if you’re a good dad, the heavens will bless you [with a child],” he quipped.

Aaron also shared that his schedule is packed for the year. “I’ll be touring for my concert at the end of the year, [we have] planned to hold 50 shows; there are tentatively three movies lined up for me this year, so planning for my concerts takes priority after filming wraps,” he said.

When Moka’s recent post in which she lamented about her aching back and hips was brought up, Aaron agreed that mothers have it tougher.

“After I became a father, I know that it’s really not easy to be a mother,” he said.

According to Moka’s post on Weibo, the model has been suffering from back problems for months. “Don’t tell me this is the fabled postpartum back pain?! It hurts whenever I bend down, no wonder people say that you should only lie down when you’re doing your confinement.”

The 31-year-old shared that she has been postnatal back stretches to strengthen her back and abdonminal muscles and encouraged fellow mummies suffering from the same problem to try it out too.

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