Aaron Kwok’s wife to give birth before 7th lunar month

The couple want to avoid giving birth during the Hungry Ghost Festival


Hong Kong actor and singer Aaron Kwok married his girlfriend, model Moka Fang in a quiet ceremony in April this year. Shortly after, rumours began circulating that Moka was pregnant but these rumours have never been confirmed. She is believed to be in her final trimester of pregnancy now and is due in September.

Aaron has spared no expense in preparing the arrival of his newborn child. He is said to have purchased a luxury home in Shanghai for Moka to live with her parents while preparing for motherhood, after learning that she was not accustomed to life in Hong Kong.

However an insider source revealed that Moka has chosen to remain in Hong Kong for the birth as she wants the child to have a Hong Kong citizenship. Her mother had already flown in on Aug 12, hinting that the arrival of the new child was near.

Although the due date approaching, Aaron is neck-deep in work and has hardly taken time off to care for his pregnant wife. The award-winning actor is currently filming for Project Gutenberg after wrapping up The Monkey King 3.

However, he has already taken two weeks of paternity leave to return to Hong Kong on the date when Moka is scheduled to give birth. As it is inauspicious to have children during the hungry ghost month, which is coming up in September, there might be a high chance that she will shift the birth forward and deliver in late August instead.

Aaron has also pre-booked a premium delivery suite and ward at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital together with a 4 day 3 night ‘delivery meal’ to cater to his wife’s needs.

Photo: PBE Media

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