Aaron Kwok refutes reports that he “bribed” his wife to try for a third child

The singer-actor shared that he is perfectly happy as a father of two daughters.


Earlier last week, reports surfaced claiming that Hong Kong singer-actor Aaron Kwok has been lavishing gifts upon his wife, Chinese model Moka Fang, so that she will be convinced to try for a third child.

The couple tied the knot in 2017, and have two daughters, Chantelle and Charlotte. Aaron previously shared in interviews that he does not intend to try for a third child, after seeing how much Moka suffered while pregnant with their second child.

However, the reports claimed that Aaron had changed his mind, and had gifted Moka an Hermès bag worth NT$500,000 (S$22,000), and promised to give her NT$4 million (S$180,000) in cash if she successfully bears him a son.

When asked about the reports at a media event last Sunday (Dec 8), Aaron immediately denied them.

"I’ve always said that I’m extremely happy and blessed to have two daughters. (We) don’t have plans to try for a third child right now,” the singer-actor replied.

Describing the reports as “lies that are meant to delude the public”, Aaron went on to say, “The value (of a child) cannot be measured in terms of money. Marriage is a sacred promise, and kids are the building blocks to a happy family. None of these can be bought with money and (these reports) are really strange.”

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