Aaron Kwok praised for braving insane traffic to buy diapers for his daughters

Heavenly King or not, daddy duties come first.

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Hong Kong singer-actor Aaron Kwok makes no secret how much he dotes on his daughters, 2-year-old Chant and 5-month-old Charlotte.

On September 8, he was praised for his love towards his daughters once again as he braved insane traffic to buy diapers for them.

He was in his Lamborghini on the way to pick up diapers when he got trapped in a jam at the Causeway Bay shopping district. Tens of thousands of protesters were reported to be heading towards the United States Consulate, which caused the backlog in traffic.

As his windows were not fully tinted, he was soon recognised as passersby excitedly shared the news. The media, who was also present, took the opportunity to interview him. He rolled down the window for a moment, sharing that he was “on the way to buy diapers”, but did not comment when they asked him about how he feels about the protests, and if he is worried that his expensive car will be damaged.


He repeated that he was merely out to buy diapers, and quickly drove off when the roads cleared.

Netizens praised him for personally running such errands, calling him a great father. Others suggested that he try to order necessities online instead to avoid running into such situations again in future.

Photos: PBE Media

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