Heavenly King Aaron Kwok may have forgotten what he said more than two decades ago but his past has come back to haunt him.

In an interview with TVB during Chinese New Year in 1994, Aaron, then 29, had said that he wouldn’t be giving out ang pows as it’s something only married people do.

In the same interview, he also said: “But if and when I do get married in the future, I hope to give red packets to every one in Hongkong.”

Fast forward 24 years and Aaron is now happily married to Chinese model-actress Moka Fang, 30. The couple welcomed a baby girl last September.

When asked about his promise at an event in Hongkong recently, Aaron laughed: “I made this remark 20 over years ago! Back then, I was still a kid. Now, I’m already a husband and a dad, I’m finally an adult.”

He added: “I will fulfil my promise. However, it’s quite difficult to give ang pows to every Hongkonger, so I will prepare a red packet and donate it to UNICEF on behalf of everyone. In that way, more people will benefit from this.”

Though that's not quite the same as receiving an actual ang pow from Aaron, but at least the Heavenly King kept to his word, right? Not that we would expect anything less from him.