Aaron Kwok: My daughters motivate me to work harder

The father-of-two couldn’t help gushing about them in an interview


Yesterday (June 12), Hong Kong singer-actor Aaron Kwok nabbed the Best Actor Award at the 25th Huading Awards. In an interview with the media after his win, Aaron shared that getting such affirmation from the audience is a great motivator for him.

With two other films, Theory of Ambition and I’m Living It set to be released later this year, the father-of-two is sure to have a packed schedule ahead.

Aaron, who welcomed his second child, a daughter nicknamed Guo Er Bao with his Chinese model wife Moka Fang in April this year, also took the opportunity to gush about life as a father-of-two. He shared that although he has played a number of fatherly roles throughout his career, he could only give life to his characters by observing the behaviour of his friends who’ve started families of their own.

After becoming a father though, Aaron shared that the experience was very much different from his expectations. “You will not be able to really understand the feeling unless you are a father,” he said. “That moment when your daughter smiles at you, it’s extremely gratifying”.

Laughing, Aaron also shared fatherhood is the best thing that has happened to him, and that he feels that he’s extremely blessed and lucky. He then ended things off by thanking his two daughters for being his motivation to work harder.

Aaron tied the knot with Moka in April 2016. The couple welcomed their daughter, Chantelle, in September that year, with Guo Er Bao joining the family in April this year.

Photos: PBE Media

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