Aaron Kwok, Moka Fang spotted on rare date

The couple might have two daughters, but still make an effort to spend time together

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Heavenly King Aaron Kwok became the proud father of his second daughter in April. Since then, fans have been eagerly anticipating photos of his daughters together to be uploaded on social media.

While that wish has yet to be fulfilled, many were surprised in a different way when he and his wife, Chinese model Moka Fang, were spotted at a Hong Kong dessert shop while on a date.

Aaron wore a black face mask to hide his identity. Although they were noticed by passersby, the couple seemed unperturbed and continued their date.

From the photos that were taken and uploaded online, netizens pointed out that Aaron looked dashing beside his wife despite the 22-year age gap between them.

Others marvelled at how quickly Moka has regained her pre-pregnancy figure, though she might not have had much of it to lose in the first place.

Photos: PBE Media

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