Aaron Kwok is in no rush to have a son

The Heavenly King shared that he is “content” with having two healthy daughters

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Hong Kong Heavenly King Aaron Kwok declared last January that his 2018 wish was to have a son, and fans waited with bated breath after he and his wife, Moka Fang, confirmed that they were expecting their second child.

In April, Aaron and Moka welcomed their second child, who was later confirmed to be a girl. Aaron, who now has two daughters, was widely speculated to want to expand his brood as he has yet to welcome the son that he previously hoped to have.

However, he has since stepped out to clarify that he is in no rush to have a son, and that he is content with having two healthy daughters.

The proud father-of-two revealed at an event in Hong Kong yesterday (May 30) that he entered the delivery suite for the birth of his second child, and that he personally cut the umbilical cord this time around.

His reason for not wanting a third child so quickly, he said, is because he hopes to let Moka have a good rest. Sharing that gender is not important, he explained that what’s most important to him is for his family to be healthy. He chuckled, “I don’t know what it’s like to have a son, but having two girls at home is a blessing on its own.”

Aaron and Moka tied the knot in April 2017 and welcomed their first child in August of the same year.

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