Aaron Kwok: I’ll announce good news soon

This comes after months of speculation that he is expecting his second child

aaron kwok

Aaron Kwok, 53, was first reported to be expecting his second child in September, and after months of tacitly confirming the good news, the Heavenly King has once again hinted heavily that he will be announcing good news “soon”.

Moka Fang, who is 22 years younger than Aaron, gave birth to the couple’s first child last September, soon after the pair tied the knot in April. Talk of the 31-year-old being pregnant started gaining traction after recent photos of the model looking to have put on weight, especially around her tummy area, were uploaded online.

Netizens also took the opportunity to point out that Aaron had talked about having a son in the Year of the Dog earlier this year. Some commented that while Moka might not be able to give birth before Chinese New Year to fulfill Aaron’s wish, he would still be more than happy to welcome a new addition to the family in the Year of the Pig as well.

At a recent event, Aaron fielded questions about his daughter Chant, who recently turned 1. “I’m very happy to see her learn to crawl, and then walk. Watching her grow is a very happy thing, (especially since) children grow up so quickly. Watching her grow before my eyes is really sweet and I’m very blessed. I want to stay healthy so that I can watch her grow up,” he gushed.

As for the reports of him expecting yet another child, Aaron would only say, “I can’t say anything for now!” When reporters continued asking if his hesitation was due to the Chinese tradition of not sharing news of a pregnancy during the first trimester, he smiled and responded with a, “(I’ll share good news) soon!”

Thanking everyone for their concern, he added, “It’s a really happy piece of news, but please give me a bit of time and I will make an announcement (in the near future).”

He further cemented the suspicions by thanking reporters who congratulated him on his second child, and reports have stated that he is likely to be able to confirm the news in December, which would mean that his child is likely to be born in June 2019.

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