Aaron Kwok and several other cast members distributed movie tickets at Hong Kong's Causeway Bay to promote their new film Project Gutenberg on October 1.

Aaron wanted to show his appreciation for his audiences for their support and love for the movie. He was also very happy that although many people watched the movie, they did not share any spoilers about the plot online.

Many people believe that Aaron and Chow Yun Fat could be nominated for Best Actor thanks to their roles in this movie. Aaron said that although he has a lot of confidence in himself, he believes that an actor should focus on doing a good job instead of just aiming for awards, and said that no matter how many awards he may get, he would still only focus on good acting.

When asked about the photo his wife Moka Fang uploaded online showing her shockingly low weight of 39.1 kilograms, Aaron said that he will not be answering any questions about his family and personal life.

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