Aaron Kwok is embracing fatherhood

The new father was excitedly showing off pictures of his little one at work


Hong Kong actors Aaron Kwok and Chow Yun Fat made a joint appearance at an event in Beijing, China to promote their new movie, Project Gutenberg, recently. Once the event ended, Aaron immediately grabbed hold of Yun Fat to show him pictures of Aaron’s little girl, 11-month-old Chantelle.

An insider also shared that Aaron had waxed lyrical about his daughter’s playfulness, as she often climbs about all day, with nary a break. The actor also had a huge grin on his face whenever he talked about his daughter.


In other unrelated news, Yun Fat had taken Bona Film Group, the production company of the movie, From Vegas to Macau, to court earlier this year, over a slew of unpaid fees.

However, as the actor had made an appearance at the promotional event for Project Gutenberg which is produced by Bona Film Group, it was assumed that the matter had been resolved privately between the two parties.

When asked if the lawsuit with Bona Film Group had been dropped, Yun Fat’s wife, Jasmine Tan, did not comment on it. However, when asked if it would be awkward meeting with the company’s representatives at the event, Jasmine smiled and replied, “What do you think?”.


Photos: PBE Media

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