Aaron Kwok cut his daughter’s umbilical cord

The actor’s recently welcomed his firstborn

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Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok welcomed his first child on Friday (Sep 22) and made his first appearance as a father at an event yesterday. The new dad was beaming from ear to ear at the event and confirmed reports that it was a baby girl.

The 51-year-old did not reveal his daughter’s name but instead said that he would leave the decision up to his elders. He further disclosed that she weighed 6 pounds (approximately 2.72 kilograms) and that he was present to cut the umbilical cord. Aaron said that although he had filmed many of such scenes before, he was still nervously shaking when it came to the real thing.

“The moment of my daughter’s birth felt very magical, like my life had changed. I am grateful that Moka’s pregnancy went well after these months and that she had a smooth delivery,” said the actor.

Giving her the nickname of ‘little princess’, Aaron claims that she takes after him. He had previously posted a photo of his daughter’s hand holding onto his and Moka’s finger, but has said that he wishes to take more pictures on a daily basis to document her growth.

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Being the workaholic that he is, Aaron has already returned to work after his paternity leave. He has hired a helper to assist his wife in the caretaking of their newborn daughter, although he himself has yet to change a diaper for her. The actor says he feels more motivated to work now as he wishes to give his child a good life.

Aaron and Moka began dating in 2015 and got married in a quiet ceremony this April.

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