Aaron Kwok tacitly confirms wife’s second pregnancy

“I do like the idea of having a large family, but I can’t share too much for now,” the actor said


Looks like Hong Kong Heavenly King Aaron Kwok and his wife, Chinese model-actress  Moka Fang are indeed expecting their second child. 

After the couple celebrated their daughter, Chantelle (also known as Chant)’s first birthday with a party at Disneyland, rumours that Moka was expecting the couple’s second child began spreading in the media.

When asked for a comment on the rumours, Aaron would only decline to comment, instead of refuting it. As it was the seventh lunar month, which is also known as the Hungry Ghost Festival, it was believed that the 52-year-old did not want to jinx anything by confirming the news too early.

Now that the seventh lunar month is over, Aaron, who’s currently promoting his latest movie, Project Gutenberg, seems to have loosened up. 

The actor first gushed about how it was indeed a blessing to be able to welcome his first child at the age of 50. He also shared that he has since made a number of changes to his work schedule, to ensure that he puts his family first.

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“This type of love, is something that cannot be experienced before you tie the knot and start a family, because this is true happiness,” the actor said.

As for the rumours regarding Moka’s pregnancy, Aaron shared that he has never liked talking about his private life to the media as he wished to protect his family’s privacy.

“No matter how many kids (we have), I’ll still be very happy,” he said, before adding, “To be honest, I do like the idea of having a large family, a happy family, but I can’t share too much for now,” and ending off the interview with a promise to share more with the public if there’s any good news.

Aaron and Moka tied the knot in a quiet ceremony in April last year, and welcomed Chantelle five months later.

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