Jessica Hsuan has revealed that filming for the highly anticipated big screen version of classic drama A Step into the Past, titled Back to the Past, will begin in late March. However, the script has yet to be finalised.

"They want to make as many improvements [to the script] as possible," she shared during her appearance at an event on February 20. "My friends have been sharing their ideas as well, so I think I will discuss them with Louis Koo."

Despite knowing that there are many fans who are looking forward to the show, Jessica claimed that she does not feel any pressure at all.

The actress then shared her thoughts on host Lulu Kai's departure from TVB, which was rumoured to be caused by the broadcast company cutting a third of her salary. "I was so upset when I heard the news," she said. "If I happen to hear of any job opportunities, I will definitely recommend them to her."

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