A-Mei voices her support for same-sex marriages

The singer will be personally signing on the marriage registration certificates of 20 same-sex couples


Taiwan will legalise same-sex marriage from May 24 (Friday), and is reportedly the first Asian country to do so. The bill was successfully passed through the courts on May 17, and a number of celebrities expressing their support.

Among those, Taiwanese singer A-Mei has stood out for her vocal support. Last night, the 46-year-old had a live stream, where she announced that she will be signing on the marriage registration certificates of 20 same-sex couples who will be registering their marriage at the Taipei City Xinyi District Household Registration Office as a memento for them. She also implored for those who were planning to tie the knot to “cherish this chance, and protect this marriage that did not come easy”.

A-Mei also revealed that she was the first celebrity to sign on the bill to show her support for same-sex marriages, and that she was looking forward to being able to sign on the marriage registration certificates of the 20 couples.

“I really hoped that the people around me are able to achieve happiness and feel protected, and I’m really happy that this is now a reality. Our rainbow is now complete, “ she shared.

She reiterated that everyone should “cherish this opportunity”, especially since they have “fought so hard to obtain something that they should have had in the first place”.

“We must respect and protect this right, so that those who don’t support it can understand, and even support us,” she said.

Photos: PBE Media

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