A-Lin held a mini showcase in Taipei yesterday (Oct 29), where she announced her upcoming three-day concert at the Taipei Arena and shared some personal stories, including one where she was mistaken as another Taiwanese pop star.

The 36-year-old recalled taking a flight where the cabin crew showered her with compliments and attention. Then, when she was leaving the plane, one of them said to her, “Thank you, Jolin [Tsai]! You’re the best!” A-Lin was so taken aback that she couldn’t even be angry, and joked that Jolin should be the one getting mad at the mistake instead.

That wasn’t the only time such an incident happened to her. During a trip to China, she was having a meal at a hotpot restaurant when a waiter excitedly came up to her and said, “I’ve been a fan of yours for a very long time. I have your posters at home, and today, I finally get to meet you. I really like you, Joey Yung!”

Despite A-Lin’s efforts to convince the waiter that she was not the Hong Kong singer-actress, the waiter did not believe her, and kept telling her that she can stop pretending not to be Joey. “I think I need to wear a name tag at all times,” she quipped.

A-Lin was also candid about her recent weight loss journey. According to the singer, because of her love for bubble tea and fried chicken, her weight ballooned to 65 kg a month ago, with a body fat percentage of 39, causing her to feel uncomfortable and easily out of breath.

Since then, she has started to control her diet and hopes to be able to get her body fat percentage down to 23. “It’s been three days since I last drank alcohol, and I hope to be able to make it to a week!” she declared.

Photos: TPG, Facebook/Jolin Tsai, Facebook/Joey Yung