A-Lin attended a charity event in Taipei last Tuesday (Sep 17), where she revealed that she was the victim of racial discrimination on a recent flight.

According to the Taiwanese singer, she was ordering food and used English to communicate with the air stewardess. To her shock and horror, the stewardess, whose ethnicity was not disclosed, responded by using her middle finger to push up her glasses, making A-Lin feel very uncomfortable.

“I was never impatient; I just spoke very slowly and softly,” she explained. “I immediately confronted her, asking if I had offended her in any way and why she would do such a thing to me.”

However, the air stewardess pretended like nothing happened and claimed that she used her index finger. This prompted A-Lin to write a letter of complaint to the airline, but she has yet to receive a response. “That was a form of racial discrimination, I just can’t let it go,” she said.

Photos: TPG

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