Six years after his quiet disappearance from the music industry, Singapore singer A-Do is back with a new album called ‘I Will Not Hide’. At a press conference, he shared that the title of his single is a form of shout-out to himself and revealed that he was diagnosed with panic disorder years ago.

“When it acts up, I go soft and limp, I don’t even have the strength to walk and I start to get nervous,” he said. “I’m afraid of crowds and of cameras, when it gets bad I cannot make eye contact at all.”

A-Do shared that this single was meant to be released three years ago, but there was a change in plans when his mum fell ill. His panic attacks started happening again, he sought treatment for it and was on medication for six months.

Due to the side effect of the medication, he gained 15 kilograms and weighed 83 kilograms at his heaviest. The former construction foreman didn’t dare leave his house because of his sudden weight change. At the encouragement of his wife and friends, he could better control his condition and his weight returned to being around 70-something kilograms.

While he’s eager to shed the excess weight, A-Do shared that his heartbeat increases when he starts exercising and has to “take things slow” for now. 

During his past six years of inactivity, the 45-year-old also became a dad and is now father to a 2-year-old boy. The singer shared his stories about fatherhood and his face lit up whenever he talked about his “mischievous” boy who enjoys “slamming and pushing doors”.

As A-Do was worried that his actions may injure his dog, he tried to stop his son by giving him a stern warning, he said. “I pointed my finger at him and he began to cry. I was not even fierce but he likes crying lah!”

Prior to A-Do’s musical comeback in 2017, Chinese news reports alleged that the singer was suffering from severe depression – a rumour that was not confirmed or denied by the singer and his management agency.

A-Do tied the knot and welcomed his first child in 2016.

Photos: PBE Media

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