8 DAYS' Top 8 Favourite National Day Songs From The Past 20 Years

Say hello to Stefanie, JJ, Tanya and... Rui En?

It's National Day again and we all know what to expect: fireworks, free funpacks, and NDP theme songs. This year's tune, sung by Jay Lim, isn't too bad but it's hardly something we will hum to ourselves when we're abroad and homesick. In case that ever happens, follow us down memory lane to revisit our top eight National Day Songs from the past two decades. 

8. Reach Out for the Skies by Rui En and Taufik Batisah (2005) 

This song makes the list only because Rui En, who if you watch the vid, seems like a total different person from the ice princess we know today. 

7. Moments of Magic by Tanya Chua, Fann Wong and Elsa (1999)

This was Singapore's official millennium song and it did make us party like it was 1999. 

6. One United People by Stefanie Sun (2003)


Are all Stefanie Sun songs so catchy? 

5.Our Singapore by JJ Lin (2015)

Written and composed by Dick Lee, this song clearly shows that JJ Lin is a jiak kantang dude who's really a A-list Mandopop singer. How so? His bilingualism just screams "Singapore!" 

4. Song for Singapore by Corrinne May (2010)

This is the first NDP song to be available for free digital download. Be warned: The following lyrics will be stuck in your head: "So come and sing/ Sing a song for Singapore." 

3. We Will Get There by Stefanie Sun (2002)

This song actually feels optimistic, like the early 2000s. It also answers our earlier question with a resounding yes. 

2. Where I Belong by Tanya Chua (2001)

This song is truly a classic. There's just something so heartfelt about it that it kinda sounds like Tanya was singing directly to us. 

1. Home by Kit Chan (1998)

Do we really need to explain why this Dick Lee-composed tune is number one? Home resonated so well with Singaporeans that Kit Chan sang it again in 2004 and 2010.


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